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Know Your Impact

At the Running Water 5K, we want you to know where you donations go. 90% of all donations go straight towards impacting families in Kenya, Africa! The other 10% goes to supporting our admin, New International (a 501c3, non-profit). They help us do what we do all the better.

Water is Life! When there is not enough, safe, or reliable water, life is diminished. While there are many clean drinking water organizations that have different approaches, we pursue clean drinking water through a tiered approach. 


We support water, sanitation, and hygiene health clubs at the village level, which are led by community leaders. These health clubs strengthen knowledge and build skills for clean drinking water, safe toilets, and hand-washing. In addition to fostering this knowledge foundation, the health clubs provide a community experience for pursuing clean drinking water. We go together through this change. 

On top of this knowledge foundation, we subsidize the cost of household level drinking water filters provided through Aqua Clara Kenya ( These filters are hollow fiber membrane filters that remove 99.99% of microbial contamination and provide clean drinking water for an average of 10 people. Other types of clean water, safe toilet, and hand washing products are also available through Aqua Clara Kenya. 

Long term support and evaluation is critical for our continued understanding and growth. We conduct routine monitoring to follow up on

household filters provided to communities to understand the impact they are having on clean drinking water. Additionally, we seek to understand any challenges communities are facing and pursue solutions to those challenges together. We can always improve and always learn. 

We welcome you to join us in this clean water journey!

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